Accepted Abstract

Poster Presentation

01 Amoroso
Future of Particle Physics: Unified Field Alternative to 100 TeV, PeV Colliders?
02 Baranov
The observation of the strange radiation and new ideas for CMNS explanation
03 Bazhutov
Plasma Electrolysis as Foundation for Russian E-Cat Heat Generator
04 Bazhutov
Erzion Interpretation of Cold Nuclear Transmutation in Our Experimental Results
05 Bazhutov
Elaboration of Optimal Installation for Demonstration of Excess Heat in Plasma Electrolysis Experiment
06 Biberian
Pressurized Plasma Electrolysis…
07 Biberian
Experimental Evidence of Excess Heat by Mass Flow Calorimetry with Ni-LiAlH4 Powder
08 Biberian
Excess Heat Observed with Capacitor having one Palladium Electrode
09 Calaon
Yet Another LENR Theory: Magnetic Electron Mediated Nuclear Reactions
10 Castagna
The Significance of a Properly Conceived and Instrumented Calorimetry
11 Celani
Observation of Macroscopic Current and Thermal Anomalies, at HT,by Hetero-structures on thin and long Constantan wires under H2 gas.
12 Cook
On the Importance of Nuclear Structure Theory for Understanding the E-CAT
13 Couannier
Dark Gravity and LENR
14 Dallacasa
In Phase Magnetic Force in LENR
15 Davtyan
Theoretical Prerequisites for Creating Cold Fusion Reactor
16 Dmitriyeva
Role of dopants in deuterium loading during electrochemical experiment
17 Dubinko
Atomistic Simulations of Discrete Breathers in Crystals and Clusters: A bridge to understanding LENR
18 El-Boher
Search for low-energy x-ray and particle emissions from an electrochemical cell
19 El-Boher
Final Report on calorimetry-based excess heat trials using Celani treated NiCuMn Constanan Wires
20 El-Boher
Search for excess heat in electrolysis using single-walled carbon nanotubes SWCNT and graphene-coated palladium cathodes
21 El-Boher
Effect of Pd nanoparticles co-deposition on excess heat generation and H/D loading in electrochemical and permeation cells
22 Evstigneev
On the Kinetic Calculations of Elements Transmutations in the Presence of Cold Neutron Flux
23 Frisone
Nuclear exothermic reactions in lattices: a theoretical study of d-d reaction
24 Godes
Brillouin Energy Test Results of CECR Hypothesis
25 Goryachev
"Road Map" for Developing Engineering Applications of LENR Technologies
26 Goryachev
Implementing Innovative Technologies for Cleaning Sea Areas from Solid Pollution
27 Goryachev
Technology of Wasteless Low Cost Desalinating Sea Water Based on Low Energy Transumation Of Chemical Elements
28 Gromov
Ca Formation by Kervran-Bolotov transmutation reaction in "Al-N" systems
29 Hagelstein
Current Status of the Theory and Modelling Effort Based on Fractionation
30 Hamm
Electrochemical Analysis of Palladium Cathodes toward the Advancement of Reproducibility High H/D Loading Ratios
31 Hatt
An Essay on the Unifying Theory of Natural Forces/Atomic nuclei binding energy
32 Hatt
Atomic nuclei binding energy to be presented under transmutation or isotope composition study
33 Houwelingen
LENR Market: Update and Opportunities
34 Kidwell
Observations of RF Emissions and heat in electrochemical loading experiments
35 Klimov
High-Energetic Nano-Cluster Plasmoid and its Soft X-radiation
36 Koretskiy
Investigation of Radiation & Excess Heat Effects in Water Solutions During Irradiation by Laser or LEDs Light
37 Kurilenkov
On Specifics of DD neutron generation along low energy nanosecond vacuum discharge Deuterium-loaded Pd Anode
38 Lecci
Methods for F&P Experiments Electrodes Materials Key Features Investigation
39 Marano
Synthesis and Characterization of Pd-Ni-ZrO2 composite materials for LENR investigations
40 Paillet
Nature of the Deep Dirac Levels
41 Melvin H. Miles
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Factors Concerning the D+D Fusion Reaction for the Pd/D
42 Mondaini
Transmutations of Elements by electrolysis, with light water and Copper
43 Paillet
The Basis for Eletron Deep Orbits of the Hydrogen Atom
44 Pak
Studies of Neutron Emission from Deuterium Abs. C60(Pd)Li Electrode
45 Parchamazad
Optimization of Zeolites in Cold Fusion Systems
46 Parkhomov
Research on High-Temperature Rossi Heat Source Analogue
47 Petrucci
Asymmetric and Anisotropic Neutron Bursts from Sonicated Steel
48 Ridolfi
Products and Thresholds of DST-reactions in Iron
49 Ruer
Lifetime of Hot Spots
50 Santoro
Neutron Emission from Sonicated Steel
51 Sawada
An Example of the nuclear active environment of the Cold Fusion
52 Scarborough
The Center to study Anomalous Heat Effects at Texas Tech University
53 Scholkmann
Electromagnetic and Electronic Frequencies Associated with Heat Production during Electrochemical Loading of Deuterium into Palladium
54 Stringham
Single DD Fusion Event
55 Szumski
Least Action Nuclear Process (LANP) Theory of Cold Fusion-An Overview
56 Tarasenko
Tarasenko Generator on the basis of the model of the planet…
57 Terentyev
Hardening and Embrittlement in Fe-based Alloys for Nuclear Applications understanding gained by atomistics simulations
58 Tetsuo
An Example of the Nuclear Active Environment of Cold Fusion
59 Toimela
Theoretical Study on the Transmutation Reactions
60 Tsyganov
Cold DD Fusion in Conducting Crystals
61 Umarov
The Description of the Cold Fusion Process Based on the Many-Body Problem Solution
62 Vysotskii
Observation and study of undamped thermal waves in LENR-related systems
63 Vysotskii
Spontaneous Formation of Coherent Correlated States in Changing Nanowells and Nanocracks – the Universal Way for LENR Realization
64 Wettin
Unknown matter in Cold Fusion
65 Zatelepin
The Concept of Propulsion with LENR heat source for aircraft and ground application
66 Huang
A Study on the Excess Heat Generation in Ni-H Gas Discharge Systems

Oral Presentation

01 Davidson
Off-Mass-Shell Particles and LENR
02 Dmitriyeva
Machine Learning to analyze deuterium loading patterns during electrochemical
03 Dubinko
Quantum Tunneling in Breather "Nano-colliders"
04 Filippov
Increase in the Probability of Electron Beta Decays in a Superstrong Magnetic Field
05 Goryachev
Technology of Environmentally Clean Remediating Radioactive Waste Based on Low Energy Transumation of Radioactive Nuclides
06 Grimshaw
Integrated Policymaking for Realizing LENR Benefits and Mitigating Its Impacts of LENR
07 Gromov
LENR by low-voltage cathode plasma electrolysis
08 Hagelstein
Charge Emission from a Copper foil driven @ MHz frequencies
09 Hioki
Hydrogen absorption property of Pd-doped mesoporous silica
11 Hubler
On a Possible Cosological Explanation for the Anomalous Heat Effect
12 Iwamura
The Launch of a New Scheme on CMNS at Tohoku University
13 Kasagi
Screening Energy of the D+D Reaction in an Electron Plasma deduced from cooperative colliding reaction
14 Katinsky
Industrial Association for LENR
15 Kidwell
Is the excess heat from gas loading consistent with D-H exchange rates as measured by NMR?
16 Kitamura
Effect of Minority Atoms of Binary Ni-Based Nano-Composites on Anomalous Heat Evolution under Hydrogen Absorption
17 Klimov
Energy Release and Transmutation of Chemical Elements in Cold Heterogeneus Plasmoid
18 Knies
A Method to Control Palladium Crystallographic Texture and Surface Morphology
19 Changlin
Lithium-An Important Additive in CMNS
20 Mastromatteo
LENR Anomalies in Pd-H2 systems submitted to LASER stimulation
21 McKubre
Cold Fusion-CMNS; present and projected future status
22 Paillet
Basis for Femto-molecules and -ions created from femto-atoms
23 Melvin H. Miles
Excerpts from the Martin Fleischmann Letters
24 Nagel
High Power Density Effects in Lattice-Enabled LENR Experiments and Generators
25 Orchideh Azizi
Effect of cathode pretreatment and chemical additives on H/D absorption into palladium via electrochemical permeation
26 Rusetskiy
Investigation of Enhancement and Stimulation of DD-Reaction yields In Crystalline Deuterated Heterostructures at Low Energies using the HELIS setup
27 Sarto
Morphology and electrochemical properties of Pd-based nanostructures deposited by different thin-film techniques
28 Swartz
Impact of Electrical Avalanche through ZrO2-NiD Nanostructured CF/LANR Component on its Incremental Excess Power Gain
29 Szumski
The Atom's Temperature
30 Takahashi
Fundamental of Rate Theory for CMNS
31 Vandenberghe
Society and New LENR Technologies
32 Violante
Heat Production and RF detection during cathodic polarization of Palladium in O.1 MLiOD
33 Vysotskii
Transmutation of Cs133 Isotope to Ba Nucleus During Growth of Methanogenic Bacteria of Sea Sludge